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Infield Diesel Service, DBA
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At In-Field Diesel Service, we are serious about superior diesel repair. We offer reliable, reasonable, and customized service with a difference-we come to you! Just one phone call and YOUR diesel equipment problems are over. Protect your investment: Highway, marine or industrial diesel engines are given diagnostic evaluation, preventive maintenance, or engine overhaul & machining to keep them running at peak efficiency and cost effectiveness. Here's what in-field diesel service can do for YOUR company:

  • Free Estimates on location
  • Significant savings on all parts
  • Rapid road service
  • Complete on-site repair
  • Flat rate mechanic fee scale
  • Full insurance coverage
  • Written warranty*

Any repair work, whether extensive or minor, will be expertly completed the first time around. Every detail will be attended to. We take care of the hassles for you. In-field diesel service--on the go with the service and parts you need.

Become acquainted with your Detroit Diesel Specialist with over 30 years experience, serving the East Coast from Maine to Florida. Call today for a free estimate.


Lew Bacon

  • We are a major rebuilder and problem solver for ALL TYPES of Detroit Diesel Engines.
  • We sell ALL Detroit Diesel OEM & aftermarket parts at competetive prices.

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